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Monovents are gravity-type, 20" circular, 26-gauge units with a damper.




Walk  Doors

Walk Doors have a galvanized 16-gauge frame with an 18 gauge smooth door leaf with white or bronze primer.



We have all the necessary accessories you may need to build your dream building and fulfill your best wishes.


This means lighting, ventilation, fixed or movable, in the roof or the walls, and all kind of access from the roof or through the walls.


Complete Metal Doors, preassembled or knock down, all types of windows, roll-up doors, with or without motor, special hangar doors, etc., all you may need, all together in one place.


With several locations for fabrication and delivery, we can reach you before and better.


CAMOU Building Systems



Curbs are custom built to accommodate roof mounted equipment.



Thermal Efficient Windows

Thermal Efficient Windows are 1/2" thick double glazed, aluminum alloy with bronze acrylic enamel finish.



Roof Jacks

Roof Jacks are panel mounted and

can accommodate stack sizes 7" to 12".



Full Glass Door

Full Glass doors are specifically designed for fast installation.  You just uncrate, set in place, plumb and square, then anchor.



Pipe  Flashes

Pipe Flashes are flexible units that fit pipes from 1/4" to 7" in diameter.




18-gauge frame Louvers are 48" x 48" with 20-gauge adjustable blades and come complete with bird screen.






Univents are gravity-type 10' long, 9" or 12" throat, 26 gauge units with dampers, designed for continuous runs.



DBCI  Overhead Door

DBCI’s commercial doors are designed and manufactured for strength and durability and are fabricated to meet or exceed operational requirements with little or no maintenance.




CAMOU Building Systems

  305 - 853 8287

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CAMOU Building Systems
CAMOU Building Systems

CAMOU Building Systems
CAMOU Building Systems

     305 - 853 8287

CAMOU Building Systems

CAMOU Building Systems
CAMOU Building Systems